Emu 0404 PCI and Sonar Mixdown Problem

And we’re back, from outta space yes I just walked in with this sad look upon my face…

Argghh EMU you have been so kind in the past why do you mock me so?



Feel better?


Why so sad? Well it all began a few weeks ago, ebay + curiosity + £30 = whole heap um arseache.

If you’ve landed on this page and are thinking of buying this card please read the following articles,

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I would consider myself a pretty savvy computer user and this card has almost defeated me.

Anyway onto the next problem I suppose…

Decided after a few days off to paint my bathroom to fire up my PC and remix a tune from a few months back.

This meant using the 0404 – some odd stuff kept happening – the screen going blank and audio stopping! weird.

Well that only started happening after I messed with bios and I reckon it’s graphics related…

Audio when working has no glitches and using the PowerFX alongside my UAD worked perfectly, that is until I went to export as audio / create mixdown…

First was warned to setup PowerFX to render – which meant a restart.

Restart and try again…

Rendering/mixdown garbled and just messed up.

Some internet investigation reveals the that the EMU 0404 doesn’t like rendering in Sonar.

So here is my solution(so far not tested) but noted here tonight ready for tomorrow morning.

Disable Fast Bounce and use Audible Bounce instead.

To disable fast bounce Check this guide out

Also while I was looking at PowerFX solutions I came across this Forum/Site which has a forum dedicated to the EMU 0404…follow this  link

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