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Emu 0404 PCI Update

Previously I’ve written articles on the Emu 0404 PCI soundcard and my problems getting it to work cleanly on my system. Originally I gave up and reinstalled my M-audio 2496 and put the 0404 away. Well while trying to fix something else last week as reported on in the article, XP and Bios Tweaks and […]

Emu 0404 PCI and Sonar Mixdown Problem

And we’re back, from outta space yes I just walked in with this sad look upon my face… Argghh EMU you have been so kind in the past why do you mock me so? STOP!!! Breathe… Feel better? Nope. Why so sad? Well it all began a few weeks ago, ebay + curiosity + £30 […]

EMU 0404 Clicks and Pops Part 2

So today I’m going to try bios settings to see if I can fix my EMU 0404 problems. Anyway I was mesing yesterday and the problem came again, clicks and glitches. But only when using PowerFX – annoying. This morning I decided to look into my Bios settings. 1st one I noticed, PCI Latency Timer- […]

Emu 0404 pci sound card clicks and pops

In an earlier article I mentioned that I had installed the EMU 0404 PCI sound card. I basically got it off ebay for £30, and it was curiosity that made me go for it. Curious about it’s zero latency and the built in FX. I have a UAD card and even though I knew the […]