Add recent posts to website.

The following code will add your recent posts to the front page of your website.

I added this in my right hand side of the index page on the front page of this website,

This blog resides in a different folder to the root so I needed to add:


I added the code just after the head tag, (note: require ./wordpress/ – this is the folder where your wordpress lives.

I then added the following code, I use dreamweaver so I created a layout table on the right hand side and added the code by hand.

wordpress1numberposts – simple increase/decrease to amount you want displayed.

php the_time – not necessary – I deleted it.

The rest leave as is.

As it’s coded it will not list each item and you will have to code that.

use, <ul> and <li> tags before 2nd PHP and close </li> </ul> after last PHP.

Please note I am not a code expert, I’m a hatchet merchant – this works on my site and may not be correct but it works for me.

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