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Recommended Acoustic Guitars and Accessories 2022

Acoustic Guitars Your first acoustic should be something that can be played straight out of the box. Fortunately Donner have such a guitar and it’s under the £100 bracket. I have come across several of these during lessons and they are very consistently made. Alternatively there is the Tanglewood Crossroads guitar which is a little […]

Guitar Primer: Understanding TAB and Chords

The past week has been a busy one in the background of this site. I’ve decided to completely overhaul the site’s look, feel and navigation. I’ve also decided to involve another topic of interest, that being learning guitar. The guitar lessons that are offered for free on this site are just that. You can donate […]

Weird tips and tricks for recording: Guitars No.1

Always looking for a new angle? Experimenting for me is much more interesting, unfortunately the more your learn about the correct ways of recording the less likely you are to just mess around. So I thought I’d start a new series of articles about recording in weird, cool and/or destructive ways Todays Tip: Using and […]

Production Tips Part 1

Vocals – From a production and performance viewpoint it can be good idea to split the vocal recording monto seperate tracks ie 1 track for verse and 1 track for chorus. This will help in controlling volume differences and will also help with allow you set different levels and fx. It can also help on […]