Cheap Capo for Beginners – Guitar Accessory

Cheap Capo for Beginners – Guitar Accessories

The problem with capos is that you can spend an extortionate amount for something that may or not do the job properly or pay the smallest amount for something that is not fit for purpose. Personally as someone who gets a lot of use out his Capos I edge towards the £5-£10 area – I have £2.99 capos as spares for my students.

The capo featured is pretty damn good for the price – it has a strong grip that doesn’t distort the strings and it covers all the strings well – it is clear enough for strumming and finger picking. How long it lasts is the question but if I get 6 moths out of it I’ll be happy.

Compared to the £2.99 capo I bought it it is way ahead – they tend to have a looser grip and don’t tend to cover the strings properly.

Would I use this professionally?

Live yes, most definitely – would I use it for recording?

Not sure really, I need to do some tests but on first day it seems to perform well, much better than my previous capos in the same price range.

Donner DC-2 Guitar Capo for Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Black

  • Professional capo built to last – Built of lightweight high quality zinc alloy (aircraft grade metal).
  • Easy to move – Fits perfectly electric and acoustic guitars, ukulele banjo, folk guitars and mandolin, and so on.
  • No scratches – High quality silicone pad will protect your instrument against damage.
  • No fret buzz – Stays in tune with a great intonation in all frets.
  • High performance – Steel spring with internal memory to provide strength and fatigue resistance. It will put just enough pressure on each guitar.

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