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Is My PC 32 bit or 64 bit

On windows look for the ‘window’ key in the lower left hand corner. Method 1: Next to it there is a search box. Type Control Panel S Click on System Look for your version: If you have a 32-bit system the circled in red will say 32-bit instead of 64-bit Method 2: Next to it […]

New Motherboard – Win 8 – Success – No reinstall!

Note: This is in my Hackintosh PC and is a seat of your pants story – it was reckless to a degree. That said I can confirm that Win 8 booted up – your system may be different. If you are using a new motherboard then you may get success booting straight away – Win […]

Waves License Problems Win 8.1- Windows 7

Ever had a message stating that your waves plugins are not registered? A pop like this, The following Waves plugins do not have licenses – please check that you have valid licenses for these plugins, then click ‘Rescan Licenses’. – To continue without these plugins, click ‘Skip’. From experience this can be found to be […]

Windows 8 RTP midi and Startech USB to VGA problems

Having problems with RTP Midi and the Startech USB to VGA interface? If like me you took the plunge and upgraded to Windows 8 then you may have found a few things no longer working. First I found that my Startech USB to VGA interface was showing a black screen. You could see the mouse […]