Windows 8 RTP midi and Startech USB to VGA problems

Having problems with RTP Midi and the Startech USB to VGA interface?

If like me you took the plunge and upgraded to Windows 8 then you may have found a few things no longer working.

First I found that my Startech USB to VGA interface was showing a black screen. You could see the mouse arrow but no applications would be seen once dragged across.

Solution – uninstall driver and reinstall from Startechs website and it should all start working again. No promises though, this worked for me not guaranteeing anything.

Second, when I fired up Reaper I found that I could no longer control it with my ipad and AC-Core.

Solution – uninstall completely – this means all RTP midi apps and stopping the RTP service.

Reinstall and it should work again – Once again no promises, yes this worked for me but no guarantees here.

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