Waves License Problems Win 8.1- Windows 7

Ever had a message stating that your waves plugins are not registered?

A pop like this,

Waves License Problem

The following Waves plugins do not have licenses – please check that you have valid licenses for these plugins, then click ‘Rescan Licenses’.

– To continue without these plugins, click ‘Skip’.

From experience this can be found to be a hardware problem.


You install a new item into your pc – an new card, hard drive, processor, memory it could be anything.

What happens is that you PC’s ID changes – in effect it becomes a new computer, the Waves licensing center has been confused and now you have a problem – your license is now invalid – to fix this you will need to remove the new item.

Once you have rebooted go into Waves License Center and send your licenses to your license cloud.

Then reinstall your hardware, reboot, open license centre again and retrieve from the license cloud.

This scenario could also occur if you have removed a hardware item.

The best solution is to find a spare USB stick and have your licenses on that.

That way you will not have these problems again plus you will have the added bonus of being able to use you plugins on any other machine that you own.

Waves plugins are portable – groovy isn’t it.

Oh wait, but you’ve not installed any new hardware?

What about a Tap Driver? installed any VPN software?

Check your windows device manager – under your network devices you might just find a Tap Driver installed – this will also confuse your Waves License – try disabling it and see what happens – you might have to reboot.

This could happen I imagine with any software that installs itself as a driver – I can’t think of any off hand.

My advice, USB – it’s less hassle man.


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