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Create Drum Beats in Reaper using MT PowerDrum Kit VST

Part 1 Using these previous article: tutorials. Getting Started with Reaper How to Insert A Virtual Instrument in Reaper Article On Installing MTPowerKit The article below is a starter turtorial, if you want to delve further read: Drum Editor Setup We want to create a track with MT PowerDrumKit. Automatically we will have a screen […]

Sequencer Megababy Drums- Creating Drums in Reaper

Sequencer Megababy Drums Creating Drums in Reaper For this tutorial on Sequencer Megababy Drums I will be using: Reaper and Sequencer Megababy to create Drum loops. Dope VST CM – Available with Computer Music Magazine. Buy a copy now and download for free plus loads of other great plugins. Link You can buy the full […]