Preset Sheet V Amp Pro Bank D

Presets for the Behringer V Amp Pro * = midi controller preset number, numbers under Bank column indicate number value on V Amp – Letter in Bank Row equals Bank therefore Bank number 9 plus Bank Letter C = Doubled Solo. Midi Controller number for Doubled Solo = 43 and so on.



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1Sultans o’Swing
2Under The Bridge
4Still Got Blues
5Long Clean Delay
6Heaven’s Ballad
7Clean Comping
8Less Is More
9Is This Love?
10Bathroom Champ
11A-Wah Attack
12Paganini Solo
13Clean & Broad
14Dist. Rhythm
15Tele Jazzy
16Dynamite Crunch
17Bluesy Tremolo
18Rectified Chorus
19Flying Crunch
20Wet Dreams
21Fat On Stage
23Parcivals Drum 2
24Bad BD 1
25C64 Percussion


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