Preset Sheet V Amp Pro Bank C

Presets for the Behringer V Amp Pro * = midi controller preset number, numbers under Bank column indicate number value on V Amp – Letter in Bank Row equals Bank therefore Bank number 9 plus Bank Letter C = Doubled Solo. Midi Controller number for Doubled Solo = 43 and so on.



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1Every Breath U T
2Crazy Diamond
3General Lee
4Straight Drive
5Ambience Crunch
6Crunchy Chorus
7Voxy Drive
9Doubled Solo
10Run To You
11FX me!
12Richie’s Dream
13Clean & Loud
14L.A. Clean
15Tele Twang
16Recti-Solo Bal.
17Clean Accomp.
18Westm. Abbey Rock
20Wah ’ts dat
21Parcival’s Virus
23Parcivals Drum 1
24BD Fat 2
25Percussion Delay


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