Preset Sheet V Amp Pro Bank E

Presets for the Behringer V Amp Pro * = midi controller preset number, numbers under Bank column indicate number value on V Amp – Letter in Bank Row equals Bank therefore Bank number 9 plus Bank Letter C = Doubled Solo. Midi Controller number for Doubled Solo = 43 and so on.


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1ZZ’s Lovin’
2Wring That Neck
3Larry w/o Lee
4Money For Nothin’
5Make Me Dizzy
6Savage Ultra
7Robben’s Blues
8Edge ’n Bite
9Automatic Solo
11Innocent Clean
12Dizzy Lizzy
13Saga Solo
14Dist. Solo
15Ch+Del Lead
16Heavy Funk
17Dry Riff Clean
18SLO Lead Chorus
19Drive 2 Space
21Watch The DJ
22303 Flubber 135b
23Bad BD 2
24Percussion Tube
25Percussion Spin


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