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Waves Codex Synth – $79 Today Only!!!

Waves Codex $79 Waves Codex is a cutting-edge polyphonic synthesizer based on an advanced granular wavetable engine and powered by Waves’ Virtual Voltage technology. Designed to create sounds that range from warm acoustic and analog emulations to completely new, never-before-heard intricate and evolving textures, Codex’s sound design capabilities put infinite possibilities at your fingertips. The […]

Waves JJP Drums Plugin – Jack Joseph Puig – $29

Jack Joseph Puig on JJP Drums: “There are certain things you usually just take for granted when you’re mixing drums. Sure, the snare has to snap. Or maybe you want it to have a woodier sound. The bass drum has to have a nice bottom. But beyond that, there’s a whole other range of things […]

Waves Special offer Trans-X

Waves Special offer Trans-X Perfect for breathing new life into drum loops, accentuating or attenuating instrumental attacks, and modifying room acoustics, Trans-X is a revolutionary processor that shapes transients and revitalizes individual tracks and full mixes. On sale today only $29 deal for drum tracks and loops Adds punch, softens edges, highlights sustain Multi (4-Band) […]

Waves Tune Real-Time On Sale $99

A dream tool that helps vocalists stay in tune while singing, feel confident, and focus on the emotion of their performance, in the studio or live on stage. Waves Tune Real-Time On Sale $99 Waves Tune Real-Time provides smooth, natural-sounding vocal pitch correction instantly and automatically, as soon as the notes leave the singer’s mouth. […]

Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter ON SALE $89

Modeled on one of only a few tube-powered units ever made, the Waves Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter® plugin delivers all the unique character of the rare original hardware unit, with all the advantages of software. When it was originally introduced in the mid-1970s, the Aphex Aural Exciter brought its distinctive sound to select sessions by […]

Waves H-EQ Hybrid Equalizer special offer $69!

H-EQ is a uniquely powerful hybrid equalizer, featuring vintage and modern EQ inspired by the finest British and American consoles; seven different filter types per band, including a newly-developed, one-of-a-kind asymmetrical bell filter; an intuitive keyboard graphic that lets you choose frequencies by clicking on notes; an exclusive MS Mode so you can apply different […]

Waves Deals July 2016 nearly at an end!

Our July plugin deals are ending this Sunday! Don’t miss some of this month’s best sellers: Gold – $299 (Reg. $799)C6 Multiband Compressor – $99 (Reg. $299)dbx® 160 Compressor / Limiter – $79 (Reg. $149)H-Delay Hybrid Delay – $49 (Reg. $179)CLA Vocals – $49 (Reg. $149)Renaissance Bass – $39 (Reg. $79)Morgan Page EMP Toolbox – $149 (Reg. $599)Kramer HLS Channel – $49 (Reg. $249)Jack Joseph Puig […]

Scheps Parallel Particles New and on Offer Regular $129 ON SALE $59

Get it now for $59 Discover new tone shaping possibilities with the signature sound of Grammy®-winning producer/engineer Andrew Scheps (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Adele, Metallica, Jay Z, Black Sabbath, Lana Del Rey). “This plugin is about attitude, energy and emotion,” Andrew says. “You can find the sound you want, without having to figure out which […]

Waves License Problems Win 8.1- Windows 7

Ever had a message stating that your waves plugins are not registered? A pop like this, The following Waves plugins do not have licenses – please check that you have valid licenses for these plugins, then click ‘Rescan Licenses’. – To continue without these plugins, click ‘Skip’. From experience this can be found to be […]

Another Great Offer from Waves – GTR Solo

More guitar fx I hear you ask. Yup and this one is excellent – especially when you look at the offer this weekend. I own this particular plugin and find it really valuable – so there will be arguments against other plugins such as Amplitube and Guitar Rig but so what – apples and oranges […]