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Reaper:Piano Roll:

Reaper: Insert VST and New Midi Item Before we start let’s add a vst instrument following the article above.       To enter a note we use the left click button – double left click the note that you want to enter by selecting the note: You can see the note on the vertical […]

Reaper Piano Roll: C Major Scale – Guitar as reference(C3-C4)

Reaper:Piano Roll: The following illustrations have been created to show guitarists how to identify notes in regards the notes on a guitar neck – using the C Major scale we can create ourselves a solid reference point. Below is how the piano roll equates to the guitar notes of C Major scale. The scale C3 […]

Reaper C Major Chord Piano Roll – How does it work

Reaper C Major Chord Piano Roll

Reaper -Piano Roll: This is not a full tutorial on how to use piano roll it is really the start of an online chord book for my students who are about to start using Reaper as their compositional tool. The following chords and attached articles will be just an illustration of what to draw/enter on […]