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Guitar Primer: Plectrum, Fingers and TAB (pt4)

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Continuation of guitar primer lesson involving how to hold plectrum, how to read tab and which fingers to use.

Fingers Top E: TAB

Click above picture to play sequence…

This is the TAB that is being played,

Tab: Top E

A few tips to try:

‘Alternative picking’

V = Down Stroke

X = Up Stroke

Try playing V X V X for each note as below:

Alternative Picking

Try keeping your notes smooth, try not to snatch at the note.

Slow down, play a note and hold for 4 beats – play the note and count to 4

As you get comfortable try holding the note for 2 beats before playing the next.

Then Try 1 beat, then 2 notes per 1 beat – make sure that you’re comfortable and that each note is clean.

‘Thumb Position

When playing lead guitar some times your thumb will sneak over the top of the guitar,

Try getting your thumb down the back of the neck as below:


Thumb holding guitar

Getting your thumb position right will in the long run solve problems of stretch.

Take a look at the picture above, the wrist is forward and my fingers are overlapping the top of the guitar.

A good stretch is not down to long fingers, I have quite small girly hands(stop sniggering) – Therefore getting your thumb position correct is well advised.

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