Guitar Primer: Plectrum, Fingers and TAB (pt3)

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Hopefully you’ve read the previous free guitar lessons giving you a few ideas and tips on correctly holding your plectrum.

This the 3rd article in this primer will talk about fingers in relation to TAB or tablature.

—Dealing with TAB—

Reading guitar tabulature:

Lines = Strings

The ‘Bottom E’ is the thickest string on the guitar – the ‘Bottom’ part refers to the low sound.

The ‘Top E’ is the thinnest string on the guitar – ‘Top’ part refers to the high sound.

Basically TAB is upside down, at first it’s hard to get your head to remember this but with practice it does get easier.

—TAB in relation to Fingers—

Tab: Bottom E

Fingers Left Hand: Fretting Hand

The above picture of a hand shows the ‘Fretting Hand’.

As an exercise try playing the the above tab: Use the same number finger as the fret.

1st Finger, 1st Fret on the Bottom E

2nd Finger, 2nd Fret Bottom E

3rd Finger, 3rd Fret Bottom E

4th Finger, 4th Fret Bottom E

Fingers - Bottom E:Tablature

Click above picture to play sequence

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