Google Chrome – Missed It – Firefox dead???

Is firefox doomed?

Bit dramatic but as much as I love the browser it has given me a few headaches recently.

—-> A convoluted shaggy dog story

Couple of days ago I was trying to add a picture to a post using the ‘add an image’ popup in wordpress.

Each time I pressed the button firefox crashed.

After a bit of investigation on the interweb I found out this has something to do with ‘gears’ – had to disable it to fix the problem –>


gears disable = Tools – Add Ons – disable.


After I did this wordpress worked again but the buttons and history went pear shaped.

Back and home buttons stopped working and the address bar didn’t update as  I browsed.

This gave me an excuse so I downloaded Google Chrome and by god it’s cool.

Loading times of website seem to get faster – and it worked well with wordpress – that said it will take some getting use to…


As I wrote this late last night I decided to save as a draft and wait til morning to finish.

After disabling ‘gears’ in firefox and restarting pc everthing seems fine now. WordPress works and the buttons and address bar work perfectly.

I like firefox a whole lot and enjoy it’s simplicity – but chrome is cool and will be getting used over the next few weeks.

Buh Bye

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