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Using remote publishing in wordpress using Ubuntu

Off the topic of music but in keeping with this website I’ve recently started to use Ubuntu studio more and more. To be honest I’ve not always been a fan of Linux due to it’s difficulty in setting up. That opinion changed though. A few months ago I acquired a tired old laptop, XP had […]

Google Chrome – Missed It – Firefox dead???

Is firefox doomed? Bit dramatic but as much as I love the browser it has given me a few headaches recently. —-> A convoluted shaggy dog story Couple of days ago I was trying to add a picture to a post using the ‘add an image’ popup in wordpress. Each time I pressed the button […]

Twitter – WP Plugin

twittering on and on… WordPress plugin – WP – Twitter Allows twitter to be updated when you add/edit a post. Simple to set up and works a treat.

Add Image Opens New Page – WordPress Admin

Yesterday seemed a day of problems and solutions – Pain in the arse but hey… Anyway I found that I couldn’t add images to my wordpress blog, the ‘add image‘ widget would ask to navigate away from page or open a new tab instead of opening a pop up. I also couldn’t add a new […]