Renaissance Compressor

Renaissance Compressor - Analog punch. Digital precision.
The Renaissance Compressor delivers the warmth of classic compression and expansion, controlled by a streamlined, intuitive interface.
Direct from the Desk
Renaissance Bass
The Renaissance Compressor (RenComp) is an easy-to-use dynamics processor with both Mono and Stereo versions. It’s ideal for:

• Tightening up the sound of kick drums and drum groups
• Adding clarity and punch to bass guitars
• Warming up and smoothing out vocals

Like most compressors, RenComp has controls for Attack, Release, Threshold, Ratio, and Makeup Gain. It also offers two compression behaviors (vintage Opto and contemporary Electro), two compression characters (Warm and Smooth), plus meters which display Input, Attenuation, and Output. RenComp also boasts a couple of special, exclusive features: Automatic Release Control (ARC), which works in conjunction with the Threshold setting to deliver increased RMS levels; and a built-in, behind-the-scenes brickwall Limiter, which ensures clip-free output.

Renaissance Compressor is available separately, and in Waves Mercury, Diamond, Platinum, Gold, and Renaissance Maxx.
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Brad Madix
“I love the Renaissance Compressor on the bass DI! The bass is so crystal clear and forward in the mix without being boomy. Very nice!”

Brad Madix
FOH Engineer
Jane’s Addiction, Shakira, Shania Twain

Production Notes
Here’s how you can use the Renaissance Compressor to achieve a warm vocal sound: Once you insert it on the vocal channel:

• Activate the ARC (Automatic Release Control)

• Set the behavior to Electro

• Select the Warm character

• Set your ratio to 1:2.40

• Adjust the threshold to achieve the correct amount of overall compression

• Use the Gain fader to bring the Output up to the desired level.

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