FX – Teleport is free?

I’m probably very late in hearing this but was a little sad to hear that the guys who created FX-Teleport have shut up shop.

From their website:

‘We went out of business and would like to express our gratitude to each our customer and all beings who supported us in this journey. We offer end-user licenses of our software for free. Please click here to get the activation codes.’

The shame of this is that this is great software and not that expensive in the great scheme of things.

***FX Teleport***

You can now of course get it for free as they’ve released and unlimited license code.

We are happy to present you the product that you have been waiting for long since you started working with DAW. FX Teleport is a unique revolutionary DAW networking solution.
From now on it’s not only possible, but also very easy to use as many computers as you want for your DAW. Just launch your favorite VST host on one machine and VST instruments and FX on the others and enjoy working on your audio processing farm. You can even dedicate a whole computer to your favorite VST synth.
Now you know the era of mobile FX has just begun! Any effect can now be teleported from computer to computer!
More about FX Teleport >>>

Why do you need FX Teleport?

  • If your CPU resource on the main machine is insufficient, you may want to use another machine for the heaviest FX.
  • Even if your CPU horsepower is sufficient for your needs, adding an extra machine will eliminate the peaks of CPU, HD and RAM usage, increasing the reliability of the system.
  • Convenience reasons: a dedicated machine means dedicated keyboard, mouse and monitor just for control over your FX.
  • Overall stability: in case your FX plug-in crashes the machine, the host machine with your song will remain stable and you won’t lose your work.
    Find out more reasons to use FX Teleport >>>

    Download and try FX Teleport yourself

    It is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Just make sure you have 2 or more Windows machines networked via TCP/IP LAN.
    Click here for download and installation instructions >>>

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