JVM 900 amplifier/fx free guitar vst plugin

Free guitar effect vst plugin,

JVM900 vst guitar amp simulator plugin

This VST is in fact a GUI fronted version of the superb emulator of JCM900 made by Simulanalog.

My french is not good but this is a pretty cool vst amp simulator. You can download here.

Or you can go to the source and grab some free guitar fx from Simulanalog.

What is SimulAnalog Guitar suite?

It is a suite of vst plugin with amplifiers and analog processors for guitarists, actually containing the simulation* of:

– Boss DS-1 (Distortion stompbox)
– Boss SD-1 (Super Overdrive stompbox)
– Tube Screamer (Overdrive stompbox)
– Oberheim PS-1 (Phaser stompbox)
– Univox Univibe (Modulations stompbox)
– Fender Twin 1969 (Guitar amplifier)
– Marshall JCM900 Dual Reverb (Guitar amplifier)

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