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Guitar Accessories Under £50: Gadgets

Lookking for the perfect additional present for a guitarist sometimes tales a little exploring, that said how do you know what to look for if you’re not a guitarist yourself. Here are some ideas for presents/gifts as we lead up to christmas. Everything from guitar effects to USB recording devices to mini amps to DSP […]

Aradaz Free VST Guitar FX plugins.

Aradaz Free VST Guitar FX plugins. There are four FX available and all seem to have a small lean on CPU usage. Aradaz Crunch Amp Aradaz White Amp Aradaz Green Amp And the OUR Cabinet Simulator VST plugin, which has no GUI just parameter controls in your VST Host or DAW. Download them all from […]

Juicy 77 free vst guitar effect

Free VST plugin guitar effect. High Gain Electric Guitar Amplifier Inspired from its legendary role model which has set the industry standard for high gain amplifiers, Juicy 77 aims to become the definitive benchmark for crystal clear articulation, solid punch and singing sustain in the digital domain. With separate preamplifier and power amplifier sections and […]

JVM 900 amplifier/fx free guitar vst plugin

Free guitar effect vst plugin, This VST is in fact a GUI fronted version of the superb emulator of JCM900 made by Simulanalog. My french is not good but this is a pretty cool vst amp simulator. You can download here. Or you can go to the source and grab some free guitar fx from […]