Fully updated: The Free Orchestra 1 ProjectSam

Fully updated: The Free Orchestra 1 ProjectSam

What’s new in version 2.0?

New Sounds

  • Wretched Risers (from Symphobia 4: Pandora)
  • Organ Mystique (from our various church organ recordings)

New Features

  • Powered by a completely new engine
  • Fresh and spacious design
  • All-in-One instrument and browser
  • In-browser audio previews
  • New and inspiring Multis by ProjectSAM
  • 10 slot mixer to arrange and design your own Multis
  • Adaptive Sync for a selection of instruments
  • Shift and trim mapping of individual articulations
  • Customize articulation switching and dynamic control
  • On-screen tool tips

Improved Features

  • Smoother envelopes, filters and curves for all instruments
  • Better release trail response for slow sustains
  • Various mapping bug fixes

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