Free VST mono plugins – Monitor your mix in mono

Looking to monitor your mix in mono?

Throw one of these vst plugins on your master bus.

These VSTs will convert stereo to mono and more besides.

DFX – Monomaker

Monomaker is a simple mono-merging and stereo-recentering utility. You can use it to progressively mix down a stereo signal to mono and you can use it for equal power, center-shifting pans.

Get it here – >>> You’ll have to scroll down page

BetaBugs – Moneo

Moneo is a stereo plug-in which treats each channel as a separate monaural source. Each channel may then have its volume attenuated, its position in the stereo field panned, and its sonic character altered with a resonant lowor high-pass filter if you so choose. Moneo is equally comfortable with basic functionality (forcing mono) or inventive destruction of a source’s original spatial and spectral identity!

Get it here – you’ll have to scroll down page

Kelly Industries – Stereo Tools VST Plug-in

The Stereo Tools VST Plug-in is a simple to use utility plug-in that allows you to pan or position both the left and right channels independently of one another. This is a 2 input and 2 output plug-in. It works well for stereo files that you don’t want to have to convert to mono or if you want to fix a problem with the stereo file. For instance with the Stereo Tools plug-in you can MUTE one side of the file and then pan or position the other side to the center. You can then pan this file using the Nuendo or Cubase panner. You can also use the plug-in to remove the center information (voice remover), as well as sum both the left and right channels together. You can also work with files in the Mid/Side format.

Get it here

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