My Christmas Wishlist – Project Studio Books

Today my wife asked me to come up with some ideas for christmas presents.

Well at first said software but she said she wanted me to have something to wrap up.

Man I’m nearly 40 what the hell.

Well it’s better to concede early and hope for the best.

I’ve decided to make a post out of some of my wanted items.

First up books: I believe in books – why? – one smidgen of information that gets you thinking, gives you insight, inspiration, solidifies an idea already present – a book that gives you this is worth it’ s cover price.

I have a shelf full of this kind of reference material, I don’t neccesarily read them cover to cover – it’s hard to do that – but I dip in and out – digest the info.

It’s also nice to get a take on how others go about things, the two books following are a collection of interviews, anecdotes etc by established producers talking about their music.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that these books will tell you how to do something but there may be a snippet in an anecdote that may just open a door for you.

Veteran journalist and record producer/engineer Massey provides inside stories packed with trade secrets from recording masters. He takes the reader into the studio with about 30 top producers who have worked with the most famous major artists.

Behind the Glass: Top Record Producers Tell How They Craft the Hits

“Behind the Glass, Volume II” presents another prime collection of firsthand interviews with the world’s top record producers and engineers, sharing their creative secrets and hit-making techniques – from the practical to the artistic. In these pages you’ll find Daniel Lanois (“U2”, Bob Dylan) discussing the future of digital recording; T-Bone Burnett (Robert Plant and Alison Krauss) sharing his unique view of creating complex low end; and Hugh Padgham (“Police”, “Genesis”) analyzing the state of the business today. For real-world advice on everything from home recording to mixing to coaching a nervous singer, check out author Howard Massey’s conversations with Mark Ronson (“Amy Winehouse”), Tony Brown (“Reba McEntire”), Gus Dudgeon (“Elton John”), John Simon (“The Band”), Russ Titelman (“Steve Winwood”), Bruce Swedien (Michael Jackson), Rodney Jerkins (Mary J. Blige), Simon Climie (Eric Clapton), Matt Serletic (“Matchbox Twenty”), and more.

Behind the Glass: v. 2: Top Record Producers Tell How They Craft the Hits

The following book is more about technique and ideas, great reviews so this goes on my list.

In explaining the aesthetic side of what makes a great mix, he introduces a framework that will help you understand everything that an engineer does. Once you know what can be done, you have the power to be truly creative all on your own.

The Art of Mixing (Mix Pro Audio Series)

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