Free Compressor and EQ – AU and VST plugins

As a continued reader of Computer Music magazine since it’s inception, I have always been a strong advocate for any budding computer music enthusiast diy home producer to get a subscription.

Now you’ll probably have noticed a banner or two on this site promoting this magazine and whilst it is true that this site benefits from these adds I have a genuine love of this magazine.

Apart from the great interviews, tutorials and honest reviews it has been the strength of their free plugins.

Two of the plugins that I have received are then Eareckon plugins.

The CM-EQUA 87 is a great eq plugin and it comes in VST and AU format.

I have used this plugin a lot, probably on more tracks than I can remember – I also own Waves and UAD plugins but I honestly can’t do with out this one – and if you are new to computer music you will find it valuable and damn easy to use.

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 15.58.32

The same applies to the CM-COMP 87 – it also comes in VST and AU formats.

It’s very simple to use and as a companion to the  CM-EQUA 87 it’s a treat.Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 15.58.51


To get these plugins you  will have to own the magazines that they were offered with.

You can get these as back issues either as hard copies or via iPad/digital media.

The CM-COMP 87 is available with Computer Music Issue 194, September 2013

The CM-EQUA 87 is available with Computer Music Issue 184, November 2012

If you are looking for hard printed copies you may be out of luck though, it’s possible you may be able to find them on eBay.

Other options are Computer Music Magazine – Future plc or

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