80s Arcade Sounds is back! (Flash Sale)

80s Arcade Sounds is back! (Flash Sale)

80s Arcade Sounds is available again after being offline for more than a month.

To celebrate, I create 3 new demo songs made entirely with 80s Arcade Sounds (even the drums are made with it)!

The plugin has a very Sega Genesis sound, the kind you would hear in old Sega’s arcades during the 80s.

Contrary to other similar plugins, 80s Arcade Sounds have been processed to replicate the stereo effect of the arcade cabinet. That’s why the demo tracks don’t have any effects applied to them.

As a subscriber, you can get 80s Arcade Sounds at 50% Off by using the code sega

Simply copy/paste the code in the discount code field, wait a few seconds to see the price cut in half!

The code will only be valid for 24h.

In other news:

I’m currently updating Pine Forest Drums, Vintage Drum Elements, Oberom, and SQ8ROM. SQ8ROM is going to take a while, but for the others, they should be back early this year.

Have a good week!





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