Sonar Tips and Tricks: Sidechaining with UAD

I found this article on the UAD website click here

As someone who uses both UAD and Powercore plugins I wanted to see if there was a way to set them up as a sidechain effects.

Unfortunately both UAD and Powercore don’t seem to have Sidechain capabilities which means having to use native/pc based plugins instead.

So after looking around I came across the above post about cubase and UAD as sidechain.

The following article is to see if the idea works.

–>UAD as Sidechain<–

For this I’m going to assume you know how to set up buses and how to route tracks.

If you need to know how to do that drop me a line

First the routing idea.

Part 1 : [ Track that is to be compressed]

Create 3 buses: Name them ‘Sidechain Left’, ‘Sidechain Right’ and ‘Silent’

(or whatever you want but make sure you can remember them)

Sidechain Buses volume should be set to -30db

Now create 2 Sends on: [ Track that is to be compressed]

<<<-Bass -> Send 1 100% -> Sidechain In Left Bus

<<<-Bass -> Send 2 100% -> Sidechain In Right Bus

Route Output to Silent bus (silent bus must be silent, pull slider down to zero or remove routing to master).

Part 2 : [ Track that is to trigger compressor.]

Choose the track you want to trigger the compressor.

Make a duplicate of said track, so now we have two tracks these are our triggers.

Note: If this track is to be used in the mix of the track outside of influencing the compressor then make two duplicates.

Pan (Cloned Track) 1 to the Left

Pan (Cloned Track) 2 to the Right

Create two more buses: ‘Pump Left’ and ‘Pump Right’

Route (Cloned Track) 1 to the ‘Pump Left’ bus

Route (Cloned Track) 2 to the ‘Pump Right’ bus


On ‘Pump Left’ bus pan 100% left

On ‘Pump Reft’ bus pan 100% right

Insert a compressor on both ‘buses’

Create one last ‘bus’ call it ‘Pump’ out and route ‘Pump Left’ and ‘Pump Right’ to it.

Now hopefully you should be able to use UAD or Powercore plugins to sidechain.

Bit of work and really you have to follow it to the letter.

If you’re still unsure of what is happening with this check out the post at the beginning of this article.

This article doesn’t shine any new light on the matter, more just a checking if it works in sonar and wether the principles were the same, well they are and it works.

Job done.

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