Creating Mp3s using Audacity or Wavosaur

If you are trying to use Audacity or Wavosaur to create Mp3s you will need the file below,

Download Lame Encoder

It’s a simple task really, if you have both software programs installed unzip the above file into Wavosaurs folder:

C:program fileswavosaur

If you only have Wavosaur then do as above

If you only have Audacity installed then unzip to:

C:program filesaudacity


Install MP3 for Wavosaur.

If you try and export from wav to mp3 using Wavosaur a message will appear,

Unable to export to mp3. Make sure the lame encoder is installed.

Download Lame Encoder

As stated above unzip the lame_enc.dll into the Wavaosaur folder on your PC/Laptop, see above for possible location.

Restart Wavosaur and try it again, you will now be able to export to MP3 and Bob will be your uncle, Bob’s nice – he don’t take advantage like Tom, Dick or Harry.


Install MP3 for Audacity.

Slightly different but the same outcome.

Unzip the above file into Audacity folder or if you have Wavosaur extract there instead as above.

Now start Audacity, open a file and try to export to MP3.

A pop up will appear stating that Audacity does not export mp3 files directly yada yada yada.

At the bottom of this box it asks, ‘Would you like to locate the lame_enc.dll?’

Press ‘Yes’ and navigate to where you extracted you lame_enc.dll.

Once located click ‘ok’ and Bob is once again your mothers brother or indeed brother in law or if you’re from Blackburn, both.

Have fun.

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