Behringer V-Amp Pro MAC & PC Editor – CTRLR Panel

Behringer V-Amp Pro – Editor

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Simple yet effective CTRLR panel to connect to Behringer V-Amp Pro via midi to allow editing of sounds.

Unfortunately no way of saving presets at present because I’m not aware of how to do this effectively – work around would be to save on the V-Amp itself manually.

That said access to Speaker Cabinets, Modulation effects and parameters plus more control over reverb, autowah and delay is now available.

Turning the DRIVE on and off you will have to adjust the dial until it hits centre(12 o’clock) to turn on and double click the dial to turn it off – buttons don’t seem to work.

You will have to do this to turn EFFECT on and off – it’s not the tidiest solution granted but it works.

Hopefully I’ll get to grips with CTRLR and figure out the button problem and a workaround for saving presets – when I do I will update.

You’ll need to download CTRLR to get this to work.You find at the link below.

CTRLR link

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