Roland D-110 : Patch Editing

Roland D-110 : Patch Editing


Patch editing includes Patch name and Reverb settings.

Parameters for Patch Edit

* The editing procedure does not automatically rewrite the exiting data. The edited version will I be erased by selecting a different Patch. If you wish to retain the data, take an appropriate Patch Writing procedure.

Editing Procedure

Step 1


Step 2

Select the Patch to be edited with PARAMETER/GROUP PARAMETER/BANK and VALUE/NUMBER

Step 3

Push EDIT.

Step 4

Select the parameter to be changed with PARAMETER/GROUP

Step 5

Set the value of the parameter with VALUE/NUMBER

Step 6

Repeat Steps 4 and 5.

Step 7

If you wish to write your edited version, take the Patch Writing procedure

Step 8

When finished, push EXIT twice to return to the Play mode.

* Pushing EXIT once will retrieve the Patch Select Display.


2. Patch Parameters

• Patch Name

A Patch can be named using 10 letters. Call the Patch Name Display, and the Patch Name currently selected appears with the cursor under the first letter.

Move the cursor to the desired position with PARAMETER/BANK , then rewrite the letter with VALUE/NUMBER .

The available letters for a Patch Name are shown below.

• Reverb Type

This selects one of the basic Reverb Types shown below.

” Reverb Time

This sets the reverberation time. 1 to 8 are valid, higher values making longer reverb times.

• Reverb Level

This sets the level of reverb sound. 0 to 7 are valid, higher values increasing the level.



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