BWM 5 watt Chimp – Audio Review

A few weeks ago my old band mate and best man came around with his spanking new aquisition.

A Big White Monkey 5 watt Chimp – Link

It is of course an valve amp and not an electrified furry beast looking for tarzan.

Anyway a couple of days we decided to get the thing set up and recorded much in the same way I recorded my Fender Champion a day earlier.

From their website:

‘We started off modifying guitar amps as a project—trying to get the sound and feel we wanted from amps already out there. The Fenders, Epi’s and others gave a great sound, but just didn’t have what we were looking for.  So we went back to the drawing board and designed our own.  We came up with mods you won’t find on any other amp, which help get the tone and sound we wanted. ‘

Getting any info on the Chimp is quite difficult to be honest – there’s plenty of it there  on the website but it’s all very technical and a guitar smacker like myself can’t be arsed reading, I want to hear the bugger.

So that’s what we did and we recorded it for reference.

Equipment list:

Fender Telecaster(mexican) with single coil seymour duncan bridge pickup.

Shure SM57 and SM58.

Planet Waves guitar leads.

Electro Harmonix Double Muff.

Behringer Xenyx 1622FX mixing desk.

Let’s get started…

Amp settings below,

Mic placement as in the three images below,

From the pictures above you’ll see that the amp has been placed on a cusioned stool about 9-12 inches from the floor.

Two dynamic mics have been placed directly in front on the cone.

These are a SM57 and a SM58 as stated earlier.

Each recording has been recorded in three states with three different pickup selections.

Clean, Single Muff and Double Muff – for each variant Guitar Toggle Down, Middle then Up.

Tones and Volumes on guitar are on full.

Warning you may hear some jibba jabba as this recording setup had two people involved.

Chris is playing on these recordings.

Recording 1: Open Chords

Recording 2: Palm Muting and Power Chords

Recording 3: Lead

Recording 4: Funk

Hope you likey.

Big White Monkey

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