A Minor Pentatonic Phrase 1

Playing lead guitar or a guitar solo is probably one of the hardest things I have to do.

Learning a guitar solo note for note is good practice but does it really teach you anything?

My principle thoughts in music are to experiment.

Take phrases or licks and twist them, see where they can go.

Below is an example of a pentatonic phrase/lick.

The red numbers are the ‘FINGERS’ you should use.

The ‘ARROWS’ indicate a bend – I’ve purposely left out the lenghth of bend, the reason for this is that I want you to experiment with quarter, half and full bends. Use your ear.

Below the TAB there are what look like ‘V’s and upside down ‘V’s.

These indicate ‘alternative picking’ – try and follow them as much as possible.

A Minor Pentatonic Phrase 1

You should try and change the way you play this phrase as much as possible.

Experiment with tempo, length of note and playing smoothly or staccato.

A Minor Pentatonic Phrase 1a

The above phrase is a good example of a slight change that throws a bit of variation in.

The last two notes explained.

The bend on the ‘8th’ fret gives way to a ‘pull off’ to the ‘5th’ fret this gives way to a Vibrato.

Try both phrases and see how they sound.

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