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New free to download backing tracks uploaded

Four A minor backing tracks uploaded free to download at www.free4allbackingtracks.com Quick n dirty recordings of simple chord progressions looped for up to 4 minutes in length. Perfect for honing lead guitar chops, runs phrases and licks. Rock 101 Rock 102 Rock 103 Rock 104

A Minor Pentatonic Phrase 1

Playing lead guitar or a guitar solo is probably one of the hardest things I have to do. Learning a guitar solo note for note is good practice but does it really teach you anything? My principle thoughts in music are to experiment. Take phrases or licks and twist them, see where they can go. […]

8 New free guitar jam backing tracks.

Just uploaded 8 New free guitar jam backing tracks. http://untidydownloads.untidymusic.com/ Same as usual, just recordings of ideas for guitar solos. Try your chops on different styles of music. Bad Metal, Blues, Weird Funk and Balladish kind of stuff. No descriptions available yet but will update as I go. Please if you like them leave a […]

Untidy Music – Free Guitar Jam Tracks / Backing Tracks

Free Guitar Jam Tracks / Backing Tracks available for download. As well as the free midi drum files and loops available to download from Untidy Music there are now the exclusive free backing tracks located here. All tracks are free to download anytime, will be an ongoing project as with the midi files and loops […]