Guitar Accessories Under £20: Tuners

Basically this article covers a few chistmas/birthday present ideas for the guitarist.

From tuners to stands, hangers to straps and cases and anything else that would be an ideal stocking filler.

Every item here is under £20.

Tuners Under £10

Harley Benton GT6 Guitar and Bass Tuner

Harley Benton GT6/200 guitar/bass tuner – LED display, integrated microphone, jack input. Includes 2x 1.5V AAA batteries.

£4.19 @ Thomann


Harley Benton Clip On Tuner

Harley Benton MT100 clamp tuner – integrated metronome, built-in microphone and vibration sensor, wide adjustable illuminated display

£8.98 @ Thomann


Fender Key Fob Tuner

Strobe-e Tuner Black Fender Keychain Tune.

Tuner and Bottle opener, designed to tune only your E-String by shining a strobe light on the sting itself!

More a toy for the intermediate guitarist who tunes their guitar by ear.

£8.99 @ Dolphin Music


Korg GA-1 Guitar Tuner

This ultra-compact Korg LCD Needle-Style Chromatic & Dedicated Guitar and Bass Tuner. This dedicated guitar/bass tuner lets you select either Guitar mode or Bass mode for truly easy operation with automatically detected pitch.

Perfect for the beginner, a brand you can trust and also under a tenner.

£9.99 @ Gear 4 Music


Guitar Tuners Under £15

Seiko Key Ring Guitar Tuner

CHROMATIC TUNER – SEIKO: Simple keyring guitar tuner, cool looking and totally mobile.

£10.90 @ Amazon


Guitar Tech Clip On

Automatic clip-on chromatic guitar & bass tuner with built-in microphone for tuning acoustic instruments.

£13.99 @ Dolphin Music


Guitar Tuners under £20

Planet Waves Guitar Tuner

The Universal Chromatic Tuner is a working musician’s tuner with a twist – a patent pending fold-out tuning bracket hangs the tuner from the sound hole of an acoustic guitar for hands-free tuning. With a wide range of accuracy and a built-in mic, theUniversal Chromatic Tuner is a great choice for tuning anything from a 5-string bass all the way up to a mandolin – It works great with band and orchestral wind, brass, and stringed instruments as well.

£15.66 @ Dolphin Music


Korg Pitchjack guitar tuner

PitchJack � Plug-in Jack Tuner for Guitar and Bass

Combined digital tuner and 6.3 jack plugs directly into Guitar/Bass output jack.

The angle of the display panel is adjustable for various guitar/bass types, i.e. Stratocaster, Les Paul, Telecaster, etc.

Simple operation and accurate tuning with good visibility and built-in flashlight.

£17.99 @ Gear 4 Music

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