Guitar Accessories Under £10: Capos

If you’re looking for Guitar based gifts for stocking fillers and know very little about guitar then this hopefully should be the article for you.

Guitar Accesories are excellent christmas and birthday presents epesecially for guitarists who are always grateful of a new item to chuck in their guitar case.

The following Guitar Accesories are available for under £10.

First up is the Capo:

‘Capos are used to change the key and pitch of the open strings of a guitar without having to adjust the strings with the tuning keys.’

This means that you can change the key of what you’re playing simply by moving the capo up and down the neck and playing open chords.

Ideal for Pop and Folk.


Jim Dunlop 11CD Toggle Capo – Advanced Curved

Jim Dunlop 11cd Capo

This model is strapped to the neck with sturdy nylon and the toggle design ensures that it will fit necks of any shape or size.


£5.87 @ Dolphin Music

14 CD Version £4.81 @ Thomann


Deluxe Acoustic and Electric Guitar Capo

A great value, professional quick release capo suitable for electric or acoustic guitars.

£4.95 @ Gear 4 Music



Planet Waves: Rachet Capo

Planet Waves Capo

The Ratchet Capo uses a simple and intuitive design to gently lock strings into place at any desired fret. One press of the quick release lever unlocks the capo for placement around the guitar’s neck. Once in place a gentle squeeze withyour fingering hand locks the ratchet capo into place.


£6.85 @ Dolphin Music


Dunlop Clamp Capo

Dunlop Clamp Capo

£5.16 @ Thomann


Capos Under $20

Dunlop Trigger Classical Guitar

$14.99 @ Music123

Planet Waves NS Classical Guitar Capo Standard

Planet Waves Classical Capo

$14.99 @ Music 123


Dunlop Trigger Curved Guitar Capo Nickel

Jim Dunlop Brass Capo

$11.99 @ Music 123


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