Emu 0404 PCI Update

Previously I’ve written articles on the Emu 0404 PCI soundcard and my problems getting it to work cleanly on my system.

Originally I gave up and reinstalled my M-audio 2496 and put the 0404 away.

Well while trying to fix something else last week as reported on in the article, XP and Bios Tweaks and Fixes, Pops and Glitches I decided to try again.

It seems to have worked, the cuplrit seems to have been the belkin gigabit lan card. Wether this was a IRQ issue or not I don’t know but whatever it seems to have solved all the problems with clicking and glitches.

Also another weird turnup as well, the 0404 seems to have reduced CPU usage!

Not my imagination, with the 2496 audiophile my CPU was at around 35% in Sonar, now it’s down to 14%.

So it looks like I’ll be going back to 0nboard lan for FX Teleport. But maybe I’ll just see how I go.

Now I’ve got quite a bit of FX processing power with the TC Powercore, UAD and now EMUs PowerFX.

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