2 Free Phaser VST Plugins – MPhaser & Blue Cat Phaser

2Phaser VST FX plugins

Free Phaser Effects are quite rare, especially 64bit plugins.
Here a couple of 64 bit that get really nice results.

Guitar FX Settings and Chain:

Melda Audio’s MPhaser

Product Page download as part of the free pack

Settings 1: Guitar

Settings 2: Guitar

Settings 3: Guitar

Settings 4: Guitar

Settings 5: Drums

Settings 6: Drums

Settings 7: Drums

Settings 8: Bass

Settings 9: Bass


Bass Synth: Reasynth + Sequencer Megababy

Blue Cat Audio Phaser:

Plugin Info Page
Download as part of Blue Cat’s Freeware Plug-ins Pack II

Guitar Test:

Drums Audio Test:

Bass Audio Test:


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