Voxengo News PHA-979 phase alignment plugin

Voxengo PHA-979 version 2.2 update is now available for download.
Voxengo PHA-979 is a track phase and time alignment audio plug-in,
available in AudioUnit and VST plugin formats, for Mac OS X and
Windows computers.

PHA-979 version 2.2 includes the following changes:

* Plug-in initial loading time reduced.
* Crash problem on inserting the plug-in on a multi-channel track
* Parameter automation on AU Mac OS X now shows real parameter
* The “VST Function Sync” global switch was added that fixes
crashes in some hosts (i.e. Tracktion).
* Preset “update” function implemented in the preset manager.
* “Density mode” implemented in level meters.
* Correlation meter’s inter-band separation increased.
* Additional visual look variation settings added.

Demo version of Voxengo PHA-979 and other plug-ins can be download at
the Voxengo web site: http://www.voxengo.com

Also Voxengo Boogex guitar amp simulator is now
bundled with the FreePlayer – “Control VST and MIDI effects with
motion and touch” http://www.freeplayerstore.com

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