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Korg delivers the ultimate sonic arsenal with a full line of keyboards, synthesizers, tuners, sound modules and
music workstations.

Perfect for both professional musicians and beginners, Korg embraces cutting-edge technology and advanced ease of use to produce dynamic and inspiring sound..

To celebrate the release of Korg’s new analogue ribbon synthesizer, Dolphin Music are giving away not only the brand new Monotron, but a microSAMPLER worth £379 too!

Korg offers every musician the ability to enjoy analogue synthesis with the all-new Monotron Analogue Ribbon Synthesizer.

Analogue synths were once massive, temperamental monsters; but no more! The true analogue Monotron fits in your pocket and is ready to play – anytime, anyplace. The Monotron measures just 120mm x 72mm x 28mm!

The Monotron uses the same circuit as the classic MS-10 and MS-20 semi-modular synthesizers, which were originally released over 30 years ago in 1978 and are still coveted today for their aggressive, dynamic filters.

Although small enough to hold in one hand, the amazing Monotron delivers ginormous and dazzling sounds. Best of all, it’s a blast to play. The controls have been streamlined for ease of use. Concentrating on the most important sound parameters, the panel contains only five knobs and one switch.

korg monotron

With this level of simplicity, now anyone can easily enjoy the world of analogue synthesizers.

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The microSAMPLER delivers multi-mode sampling, resampling, Pattern Sequencing and over-the-top effects – and all under a fun-to-use intuitive interface.

The latest addition to the Korg “micro” series serves up sampling with a powerful performance punch! More than just a sampler, the microSAMPLER is a complete sound design studio for creating up-to-the minute loops and phrases.

Sample anytime, anywhere – or anything!

Just like the Monotron, the microSAMPLER can run on batteries, so you can perform on the go – or capture samples anywhere. Both line input and mic input are provided to allow a broad range of input sources including electronic musical instruments, CD, and voice. A gooseneck microphone is included so you can capture sounds with ease!

korg microsampler

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