Thoughts/Review Korg Gadget iPad

I recently purchased Korg Gadget on the iPad – it was during a sale so i thought I may as well as it looked a decent purchase. And it is.

It has it’s flaws though and one of them is a major one as far as I’m concerned.

First check out youtube for some overviews – it’s pretty needless for me to record a video when there are plenty of good ones already out there. Below these links I’ll throw in my two pence worth.

So what is the major flaw?

Midi sync.

It’s a brilliant app on it’s own and definitely worth the money as a standalone app.

It’s easy to use and sounds great.

As a compositional tool it is fantastic – quick to get ideas down or just noodle doe tunes together.

You can export audio, track by track as well which is very handy.

But that midi sync is a stinker.

It has midi capability but it’s not great.

You can play an instrument via midi but only an instrument that has been selected, not by midi channel.

That is you cannot assign a midi channel to an instrument and a midi channel is not assigned to each instrument.

It has midi capability and it has the option for external sync via core midi or network midi.

It just doesn’t work – there is a definite lag and it is a killer.

If this was fixed then this would be one of the best iPad music apps out there.

As it stands it’s just a scratchpad for ideas.

Shame really.

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