Wifi an Bluetooth for Mac – Hackintosh – Yosemite

After using a bluetooth dongle for bluetooth and a dongle for WIFI I with glitchy results I decided a new approach was needed.

A quick search brought up this:

[New Version] ABWB 802.11AC WI-FI With Bluetooth 4.0 PCI-Express (PCI-E) BCM943602CS Combo Card For Hackintosh (MAC OS X) Airport Computers, Supports Hands-off

It works, right out of the box for running Yosemite – it needs a spare USB header to connect to for the Bluetooth to work but it’s rock solid and my Bluetooth keyboard and Trackpad work straight from boot up.

With USB Bluetooth I would have instances of the Trackpad not working properly resulting in me having to unplug the dongle and restart – on occasion this would interfere with my Native Instruments Maschine or Keyboard.

So far no problems and seems to boot cleaner and faster.

It’s a more expensive option but with far less problems.

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