C Major Scales – 3rd Octave for Guitar Part 3

C Major Scales Part 3 – 3rd Octave

Scales: 3rd Octave C Major for guitar

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Notation and Tabulature: C Major scales for guitar.

Major Scale: T T S T T T S

T=Tone S=Semitone: Distance/Interval between each note.

C Major Scale: C D E F G A B C

C – (T)D – (T)  – E – (S) F – (T)G – (T)A – (T) – B – (S)C

Major Scale Construction

C Major scales Octave 1

C Major Scales Octave 2

Scales: C Major Part 3 3rd Octave

options space=12 font-size=14 tabstave notation=true notes 17/3 15-17-18/2 15-17-19-20/1 text :8,.10,C, ,D, ,E, ,F, ,G, ,A, ,B, ,C tabstave notation=true notes 17-19/3 17-18-19/2 17-19-20/1 text :16,.10,C, ,D, ,E, ,F, ,G, ,A, ,B, ,C

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