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The batch process facility in Wavosaur is one of my favourite processes – much simpler to perform than Audition or Wavelab.

If you are unfamiliar with what a batch process is let me explain.

If you need to convert a lot of wav files to mp3 format batch process will automate this for you and save you lots of time.

Batch processing though can be used for a variety of processing tasks like normalisation, conversion of bit rate etc.

To bring up Batch processing in wavosaur you can either

Use shortcut – press ‘B‘ on keyboard or navigate to ToolsBatch processor as seen in the screen shot.

Wavosaur Batch Process

This will bring up a box,

Wavosaur Batch Processing

If you take a squizz at the box you can see four elements that have an effect on what we do.

Source‘ – this is the folder where all the files you want converting reside – be warned ALL files in that folder will be converted.

Tip 1: Create a folder and copy your files into that – that way you have a backup in case anything goes wrong.

Destination‘ – this is the folder where you converted files will be saved – be aware if you choose the same folder as ‘Source‘ your original files will be replaced.

Tip 2: Create a subfolder within ‘source’ folder that way no mistakes – that way you’ve got two sets of backup – it’s up to you but best to play safe.

Remember backup twice and backup again – better safe than sorry.

FunctionThis is the choice of conversion or process you wish to perform.

Run‘ – Press this when you’ve made your first three choices – the batch process will then be performed.

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