Mastering Plugins

Analog style exciter for mastering purposes,
inspired on the BBE Maximizer models.

Its warm sound and simplicity of using makes this exciter very suitable

to add some subtle brightness in the high frequencies, and also make the lows more dense.

Apart from the mastering stage, you’ll find that it can also make a good work on individual tracks. – link

Storm Recording Studio

A set of simple mastering plugins available to download here

Includes an Aural Exciter and Stereo Enhancer.


VST brick wall limiter
JB Barricade is a simple yet effective brick wall limiter.

The gain ride curve is very smooth and its time derivative is continuous,

to ensure minimum distortion and aliasing artefacts.

The gain knob adjusts the signal level before entering the limiter.
For analog-style tube warmth a tube-emulation circuit is provided as well. link

Also available in PRO version.

Also available for download are Vintage Tape Modeller, Psychoacoustic Compressor plus more

Kjaerhus Audio-

The Classic Master Limiter VST plugin is specially designed to boost the overall level of your final mixes,

but is also highly useable on very dynamic instruments.

With just one control on the front panel operation is as simple as it gets;

just turn the Threshold down and hear how your mixes gets louder and louder.

Very high compression ratios can be obtained without changing the balance of the mix. – link

Classic EQ is a 7 Band Stereo Equaliser with a warm analog sound,

well suited to make non-surgical tonal corrections on all instruments, vocals and final mixes.

The passive and additive structure, together with unique “Warm” and “Saturation” algorithms,

produces warm and pleasant sound, just like some of the most expensive vintage gear.

The left and right channels can be adjusted individually or linked together. –link


VST Pack, contains the following –

BeatBox – Drum replacer
Combo – Amp & speaker simulator
De-ess – High frequency dynamics processor
Degrade – Sample quality reduction
Delay – Simple stereo delay with feedback tone control
Detune – Simple up/down pitch shifting thickener
Dither – Range of dither types including noise shaping
DubDelay – Delay with feedback saturation and time/pitch modulation
Dynamics – Compressor / Limiter / Gate
Envelope – Envelope follower / VCA
Image – Stereo image adjustment and M-S matrix
Leslie – Rotary speaker simulator
Limiter – Opto-electronic style limiter
Loudness – Equal loudness contours for bass EQ and mix correction
Multiband – Multi-band compressor with M-S processing modes
Overdrive – Soft distortion
Re-Psycho! – Drum loop pitch changer
RezFilter – Resonant filter with LFO and envelope follower
Round Panner – 3D panner
Shepard – Continuously rising/falling tone generator
Splitter – Frequency / level crossover for setting up dynamic processing
Stereo Simulator – Haas delay and comb filtering
Sub-Bass Synthesizer – Several low frequency enhancement methods
Talkbox – High resolution vocoder
TestTone – Signal generator with pink and white noise, impulses and sweeps
Thru-Zero Flanger – Classic tape-flanging simulation
Tracker – Pitch tracking oscillator, or pitch tracking EQ
Vocoder – Switchable 8 or 16 band vocoder
VocInput – Pitch tracking oscillator for generating vocoder carrier input link

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