Decent Sampler – Percussion – Sample RM1x

Decent Sampler – Percussion – Sample RM1x

Sampled Yamaha RM1x groovebox Percussion @ 24bit – mapped to Decent sampler for use in any Digital Audio Workstation(DAW) Free to download RM1x Decent Sampled instruments. Downloads at the bottom of the page. Make a donation to help create more sample libraries: [wpedon id=12704]

You’ll require Decent Sampler. Get it below. RM1x Percussion RM1x Decent Sampler The Yamaha RM1x is a groovebox manufactured by Yamaha from 1999 to 2002. It integrates several, commonly separate, pieces of music composition and performance hardware into a single unit.

  • A step-programmable drum machine, a synthesizer, a music sequencer, and a control surface.

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