Understanding Barre Chords(part 2)

Before you carry on with this article please read, Understanding Barre Chords(part 1)

Following on from my previous article on Barre chords I’d like to show you how we can now bring in our second 2 chord shapes.

Major Barre Chord

Major barre Chord 2

Minor Chord Shape

Minor Barre Chord 2

Understanding that the previous articles barre chords were tied to the ‘Bottom E’ string, I’d like to show that the above chords are tied to the ‘A’ string.

Guitar neck 'A' string

The ‘A’ string has been highlighted  in red on the guitar.

Learning the notes as in the previous article is integral to understanding properly how these barre chords work.

Notes on the 'A' string

If we played the following chord shape on the 2nd fret we would be playing a B Major chord

Major barre Chord 2

Notes on the 'A' string

If we played the Minor shape we would be playing the ‘B Minor’ chord

Minor Chord Shape,

Minor Barre Chord 2

If you wished to play a ‘C#minor

You would play the following minor chord shape at the 4th fret,

Minor Barre Chord 2

To get the ‘C#’ we need to find the note on the ‘A’ string,

Guitar neck the 'A' strings finding C sharp (C#)

Remember to ‘sharpen’ a note you raise(move) the note 1 fret,

Where is Csharp (C#) on the guitar?

So ‘C #’ is on the 4th fret!

Hopefully the previous article should have gotten this idea across.

If you have understood both articles so far you may be scratching your head about something.

The following should help.

Understanding Barre Chords(part 3)

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