Sample Loader for Drums – Free VST Plugin

Drum Sample Loader

Free VST plugin

Simple sample loader for drums as vst plugin to load drum samples for use with DAWs including Reaper. Load you own drum samples or use the free sample packs linked below.

I wanted a dirt simple sample loader that could use individual outputs for processing each sound with the plugins I use the most.

Sample Loader for Drums:

Free VST plugin Download

How to install VST

Free Drum Machine Sample Pack RY9

Free Drum Machine Sample Pack SR16

Free Drum Machine/Groove Box RM1x Sample Pack

Free Drum Samples : Roland MC303 Groovebox

Free Drum Samples: Yamaha TG100

If you are looking for more control I recommend Sitala Drum Machine VST

Sample Loader for Drums

Sitala Drum Machine


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