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Downloads, file sharing and the musician

Read an article recently – Pirated pop keeps stars popular ‘File-sharing sites help make popular acts more popular, finds a study.’ – Quote from above article. Pirated pop keeps stars popular discusses, ‘The Long Tail‘ – something I had no idea of. Anyway the idea goes that,  “If you offer people more choice, and help […]

CD Wow Clearance Sale

CD WOW! have launched a massive clearance sale with titles from as low as £2.99. There are massive reductions across CDs, DVDs, Games and Books while stocks last.

Create Digital Music

Just found this site while browsing for free plugins. It’s not a plugins site but more a guide to computer aided music. A great site, well maintained and well organised. Check it out, found this article from30Nov06 about free software, The Best, 100% Free

Computer Music Magazine New to computer aided recording this excellent magazine is crammed full features. Reviews of software, samlples and equipment. Thoughtful and intersting interviews. Excellent tutorials – focussing on production, music creation, and software use. The magazine also comes with a DVD crammed with nearly 9gb of stuff. The DVD inculdes samples, pluigins and demo software. […]