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Working with Intervals (part 2) Major 2nd

Continued form part 1… In the previous article I stated that in order to understand intervals and their importance we need to listen to them. In order to create a better feeling for the sound we also need to correlate that with playing. Below are pictures and tab describing how to play the major 2nd […]

Theory: Working with Intervals (part 1)

Hopefully you have a working knowledge of theory, if not I will try and keep this as simple as possible. This article is an expansion of the previous article, The Major Scale and Intervals. I’m going to use Sonars piano roll and staff views, the piano roll will fit the same with Reaper, Cubase and […]

Key Signatures – How to learn

One way to learn your key signatures is this: Key Signatures with Sharps Take the Cmajor Scale – it has no sharps or flats, C D E F G A B C Count up five degrees of the scale to G Start the scale from G, G A B C D E F G – […]

Basics of chords – Triads, Modes and Spellings

Learning how chords are constructed will lead to a better understanding of how to construct melody and bass lines. This article will explainn what a chord spelling is. What a triad is and how to work chords out. Below is an article covering the major scale and intervals. The Major Scale and Intervals As with […]

Curtis Mayfield

Woke up this sunday morning with an itch to scratch, that itch was Curtis Mayfields, ‘Superfly’ pounding in my head. So today has been Curtis Mayfiled Day so far and will be for the rest of the day. Curtis Mayfield

The Major Scale and Intervals

As much as I don’t believe you need to be able to read music to play or record, I do think that knowledge is power. Wow what a bad starting line pretty cheesy… But that is, in a nutshell the truth of it for me. If I try and read and play at the same […]

Downloads, file sharing and the musician

Read an article recently – Pirated pop keeps stars popular ‘File-sharing sites help make popular acts more popular, finds a study.’ – Quote from above article. Pirated pop keeps stars popular discusses, ‘The Long Tail‘ – something I had no idea of. Anyway the idea goes that,  “If you offer people more choice, and help […]

CD Wow Clearance Sale

CD WOW! have launched a massive clearance sale with titles from as low as £2.99. There are massive reductions across CDs, DVDs, Games and Books while stocks last.

Create Digital Music

Just found this site while browsing for free plugins. It’s not a plugins site but more a guide to computer aided music. A great site, well maintained and well organised. Check it out, found this article from30Nov06 about free software, The Best, 100% Free

Computer Music Magazine New to computer aided recording this excellent magazine is crammed full features. Reviews of software, samlples and equipment. Thoughtful and intersting interviews. Excellent tutorials – focussing on production, music creation, and software use. The magazine also comes with a DVD crammed with nearly 9gb of stuff. The DVD inculdes samples, pluigins and demo software. […]