ClockFace – Transpose Chords(updated)

Want to transpose your chord progression into another key?

Then here is a little tool that should help.

This tool can be used to learn key signatures, modes, chords within key and relative minor.

Other uses could be when transposing chords using a capo.

Again I’ll write some more about using this tool for other uses.

Using the ClockFace:

The two inner circles have notes written on them.

The inner coloured circle is the ‘key’ in which your chords to be transposed are.

The outer circle from that are the notes from the ‘Key of C’

If you look at the buttons under transpose there are letters next to each button.

Pressing a button will change the ‘inner circle’ – so pressing the D button will change the inner circles notes to those of D Major – while the outer circle stays as C Major.

You can then look for you chords in relation to ‘C’ – Try it out.

The Outer circle has letters printed on it – ‘m’, ‘M’ and ‘dim’

‘m’ = minor

‘M’ = Major

‘dim’ = diminished

These relate to the chords.

The inner circle from that has roman numerals printed in it, ie ‘I’, ‘II’, ‘III’, ‘IV’ etc

These relate to the degree in the scale.

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To use this tool for modes use the roman numerals:

I = Ionian/Major

II = Dorian

III = Phygian

IV = Lydian

V = Mixolydian

VI = Aeolian/Relative Minor

VII = Locrian

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